Monday, July 2

No sale...yet

Well, we had a total of 6 showings last week and 0 offers. Oh, well. It will happen at some point. I just wish it was sooner rather than later.

On to other topics...

I wonder if it will ever stop raining here! Last year, we were begging for rain and now I just wish it would end. We are all going stir crazy, staying inside all of the time.

The little princess will be 5 this Thursday. She originally wanted a swimming party, but with all of the rain, we had to move on to other options. I love doing parties at home, but I am positive that we would have a showing. That's just how life is. So, we decided on a Carousel Party at the mall (the coupon we got helped with the decision)! We are actually getting a pretty good deal. 11 kids, unlimited carousel rides, a cookie cake, juice boxes, paper goods, and a "party helper." I hope that she has fun. I will be sure to post pictures this weekend.

This week, I have been busy trying to set up my new Etsy shop! I'll let you all know when it is all up and running. So, stay tuned!

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