This blog is just a little slice into my life. Time is flying quickly as I watch my children grow. I want to remember these days and all of the ups and downs that go with them.

Since you came to this page to read a little bit about me, I will try my best to describe myself. I am...

a very happy wife - married 17 years
striving to be a more deliberate mother to my four children
an LDS woman, serving in the young women's organization
brand-new homeschooler to my littles (yikes!)
working to make our new house a home
Birth Boot Camp Instructor, teaching natural childbirth education
serve on the Birth Boot Camp Advisory Board over instructor certification
Shelf Reliance Independent Consultant, helping my family and others to be more self-reliant
enjoy reading (a lot)
working towards being more organized
soccer mom - and baseball, basketball, tennis, color guard, band, tae kwan do, etc.
taking my family on a whole food eating adventure
thrift store shopper; couponer; deal finder
and more. 

Thank you for taking time to stop by!

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