Thursday, September 6

It's always fun when grandma & grandpa come!

The family picture at Noah's baptism.

Grandma Sally read and read and read...ALL weekend long!

My boys love to snuggle with their Grandpa Rob!

(Dad, come back! I can't get anything done without you here!)


  1. Wow.. they are all getting so big.. Lleyton is soooo cute!!! So sad we missed it.. and so proud of Noah!!!!

  2. Aw- those are some GREAT pics! I'm so sorry we missed the baptism. We had some crud going on and you wouldn't have wanted to catch it.

  3. Oh, and you've been tagged on my blog!

  4. I am so glad to see pictures of the whole gang. What a great day for Noah. We are sad we missed it! I am so glad your parents got to visit!