Tuesday, December 11


(please excuse this picture, I was having such a hard time getting a good one!)

My friend, D, made this for me! It is the perfect gift. We have spent a lot of time lately talking about our priorities, as wives, mothers, church members, business owners, etc. This gift represents all of that. Have you ever seen the object lesson where you put in the most important things first (the big rocks), and then get smaller and smaller until you get to the sand. It all fits! But, when you put all of the smaller items in first, the most important things (big rocks) don't end up fitting. So, if we put the most important things first in our lives, then we will have time for all of the things that are less important.
I am so happy to have this on my mantle to remind me each day of the priorities that I have. It will help me to ask twice whether something is worth my time.
Thank you, D! (of course, she never even reads my blog, so I'll have to write her a thank you note!)


  1. Ohhh! That IS a great reminder! Way to go D! Lucky you April!

  2. I love it....we had that object lesson a few weeks ago...and boy is that true. So, D isn't a blogger, huh? I totally pegged her as one!