Sunday, January 27

grateful Sunday

Okay, so I have been a total slacker and I have not posted once in 2008! I have had several posts floating around in my head these past few weeks, but I haven't taken the time to write them down or upload the pictures.

I have seen several blogs that do a "grateful Sunday" post. I really enjoy reading these and have decided to do it myself. I think that having some sort of posting schedule will help me to keep up with this blog. Also, I could use a weekly reminder of all that is great in my life.

So, here goes...

*My husband, who strengthens and encourages me each day. I couldn't do it without him.

*My sweet children. Well, they aren't always sweet, but they are always cute!

*My calling as Activity Day leader. These girls are really starting to grow on me. We all performed at the Primary talent show yesterday and had a fabulous time! (we sang the hard rock version of Book of Mormon Stories from the Singles Ward soundtrack! Man, those girls can play air guitar!)

What are you grateful for?


  1. You all were awesome on Saturday! I'm glad there's a video of it... I'm so happy that you are Sarah's teacher. She was so sad when I told her she couldn't go to church yesterday because she reads her scriptures every night and remembered what your husband spoke on last Sunday (missionary work) and wasn't going to get her surprise. I told her I would let you know she did all of these things. What a great teacher you are!

  2. It is awesome to reflect on what we are grateful for. You should figure out how to upload the video so we can all see it!