Sunday, May 18


Rx - take one breathing treatment every 4 hours, as needed.
(I love that in this picture, he is reading all of his writing from 1st grade. I also love that his ears fold over when he puts the mask on.)
I realized the other night that I had never taken a picture of Noah having a breathing treatment. I have never done a scrapbook page about his asthma or recorded anything about it anywhere. Asthma is a huge part of his life and this part of his story needs to be written down. Although, I don't really have the time to do it justice here. I am also nervous that some of my thoughts and opinions will bring on crazy comments, etc. The health of your child is such a personal thing. So, I guess that I have just decided that I will write the details down somewhere else. Don't you just enjoy my ramblings??? :)
Do you have a child or children with asthma?


  1. Sam has asthma and we have tried a few different strategies and have FINALLY got it somewhat under control with a daily inhaler (flovent) and an allergy med-- chewable singulair. He has the triad of problems to include excema. I have never posted anything about it either... I think it's adorable that he's reading his writing from years past-- SO CUTE!!

  2. No asthma (that we know of. Soo sorry he has to mess with stuff like that. He seems like quite the trooper though!!

  3. I say- post away April-
    I think that we are able to find connections with others, when we see that we go through similar things.
    And of course- everyone has their opinions. And thats what they are OPINIONS!
    We deal with allergies and excema, and asthma- we don't have to do the inhaler daily- some times of the year are worse than others.
    Our pediatrician just talked with us about changing the oral meds for his asthma due to behavioral issues-
    Not sure if it is related or not, but we are willing to look into it!

  4. I love that you posted this! I know that dealing with health issues of a child can be a huge struggle! But you are right it is part of his life. Thanks so much for sharing