Thursday, June 26

log cabin village

Yesterday's field trip was to the Log Cabin Village. Here are all of the beautiful kiddos in our group. We had a great time learning how people lived, here in Texas, 150 years ago. The kids were amazed by the incredibly small size of the cabins. "How did 10 people LIVE here???" There was a great hands - on cabin where the children could play, dress up, cook, garden, gather eggs, grind wheat and corn, pump water, etc.
Sophia is ALWAYS making some sort of pose.
Could you hurry up with that wheat? I need to make some bread.
Happy boy. well, most of the time.
We had a great time. I think we'll have to go back sometime soon.


  1. Looks like you guys are having a fun summer. I was just looking at your store online and LOVE that turqouise bag. I think I want to buy one but I think it is your last? Do you have other styles/colors?

  2. Hey, you're even in one of the pictures! I'm not very good at that! You look great! I love Alexandra's haircut. This looks so fun. We would definitely have to choose inside things to do that here :)

  3. looks like fun!!! and I love the short hair!!