Saturday, June 7

snail family

Just the other day, a family of snails came to visit. They were very friendly and stayed on the kitchen table for entire afternoon. Unfortunately, they couldn't stay for dinner.


  1. love the bright colors- I have a love/hate thing for playdoh.
    I love my kids to play with it
    but I can't stand the little playdoh crumbs that I find all over the place!

  2. That's so cool! Kelcie is standing here asking "please help me make those. Do you know how to make those? Can we get the play-dough out? After I get dressed can I get it out, mom?"

  3. Those are so cute!!! We will have to make those the next time we pull out the play-doh.
    Hope all is well with you guys. We really miss seeing you at church. We are going to have to get a girls night out planned here soon!!


  4. What a fun snail family! Too bad they didn't stay for dinner, hey they could have been dinner!