Friday, July 11

More Safeway Promotion...

I just got back from a successful shopping trip at Tom Thumb (our Safeway store). I had 6 kiddos with me, no one was fighting, and we got out of there in 20 minutes. No matter how much money I spent, those facts alone made it very successful!! Don't worry, though - I did save some $! Here is what I got.

  • 6 Betty Crocker cake mixes (we make a lot of cake cookies - yum!) - On sale for $1.25 each
  • 4 Ragu Spaghetti sauce - On sale for $1.67 each
  • 4 Kellogs cereal - Used bonus coupon in weekly ad for 4 for $6
  • 4 Barilla Plus pasta - $1.49 each (only the penne was this cheap. all of the others were over $2 at my store)
  • 5 boxes of Kleenex - On sale for $1.50 each
  • 2 6-pack bottles of Sprite - Used bonus coupon in weekly ad for 2 for $3

I spent $40.63 and got back a coupon for $20 to use on my next visit. I didn't have any problem with my coupon printing for me. Now I just need to get more of my coupons organized and make the most out of my next trip.

Bonus - After Tom Thumb, we stopped at 7-11 and all 7 of us got our FREE slurpee! Mmmmm.


  1. Six kids?!?! Holy cow! I am impressed. :) I don't know how you did it in twenty minutes. When these deals come up and I have to find 25 items that match coupons, I end up going at night with no kids.

  2. Don't be too impressed, I went over the "rules" the entire way there! I should also note that the only coupons I used were the supercoupons on the front of the ad. I didn't have any time to get any other coupons together. I was just too anxious to get started!

  3. That's great! Don't forget that it's Chick-fil-a's appreciation day as well. If you dress up as a cow you get a FREE meal!! We bought black paper at Target. We cut out spots and taped them to our clothes. We got 2 kids meals, and 5 adult meals all for FREE!! Plus they gave us coupons if you buy a med Dr Pepper you get a free chicken salad sandwich! Score!!

  4. You are super woman. Next time I see you I will bow down at your feet. It would take me twenty minutes to just get from the car to the front door of the store.

  5. I am impressed
    I called our 7-11's and no free slurpee's.
    And we don't have safeways- or any of those other stores.
    I am going to call chic fil a now- Maybe, Just maybe we can score on that deal!

  6. I got a "coke" slurpee and the kids got "cherry" We just might go again later to the one accross the street :) Also picked up some penny deals at Staples earlier this week--they were out of Purell but got everything else. Office Depot is running some this week!