Friday, August 29

love my life

This has been a crazy week for me. I could list all of the many things I have had going on, but I'm sure most of you have the same craziness in your lives and already know.
Amist all of the time consuming tasks, my thoughts have turned almost always to NieNie. I do not know this family, but I am so concerned about them. My heart just aches for her babies. I think of my own little family and what would happen if tragedy like this struck us. The thought I always end on, though, is how blessed I am for the life that I have.
I realized that I do not express often enough, to my family and others, how much I absolutely LOVE my life. What a blessing it is to be me, even with all of the craziness of life thrown in. In fact, most of that craziness is what makes it unique and special.
My plan is to express this joy in life more often to my family and through my blog. If I forget, my thoughts of NieNie will help to remind me.

*Have you gone to A Room Somewhere yet to bid on some fabulous items? The bidding for the purse I submitted is already up to $50! The auction ends on Sunday.
*Alisa is serving others for NieNie. Go to her blog and share what service you will do for someone else, in her honor.


  1. HOLY COW!! $75.00 for your purse...that is awesome! I think you have a new price point!