Monday, September 22

FHE home evening. What an event this is at our house! Everyone has a specific duty, thanks to Alexandra and her chart making skills. (She has us all planned out through December, I think!) These nights are not perfect, but we are making some perfect memories and I wanted to get them recorded.

We have moved our FHE to Sunday nights for now, as Noah has a baseball game every Monday. Here are some of the things I always want to remember.

Alexandra is the one to always remind us of this important night.

All of the kids are SO excited. No one is grumpy about participating, unless they are wanting to do a different job. :)

Our schedule - Corey conducts our little meeting.

1. song - Lleyton has chosen himself as our pianist. (see photo above) Please note that he does NOT know how to play the piano. He pushes on the same keys over and over through the entire song. Have you ever tried to sing a song correctly when this is happening? It is very difficult. He is very serious about this, though, and we could never ask him to stop. I guess I will try and teach him how to play asap.

2. prayer

3. calendar items for the week - this one is so great! Everyone wants to put their 2 cents in. "I am going to school!" or "I have a baseball game." Every little detail of our lives seems to be hashed out during calendar time and I love it.

4. lesson - This is typically short and sweet. We take turns. I just love hearing the lessons from the kids, especially Alexandra and Noah who actually take time to prepare. It is amazing to me how much knowledge they have and to see, first hand, how the gospel is working in their lives. Their understanding grows more and more each week.

5. activity - this one ranges from games to cleaning up.

6. song

7. closing prayer

8. treat - by far, the favorite! Being the mom, I seem to always be in charge of this, even when someone else is on the chart. :)

I am so thankful for this program. What a joy it is to take 30 minutes out of our week to devote entirely to being together as a family, learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

*Please know that I am not trying to make it seem like we are perfect. We are FAR from it! There are weeks we don't end up having fhe, weeks where all of the kids are fighting, weeks where some are crying or we are yelling and weeks when all of this happens at the same time! But, sometimes, it is good and I wanted to record that for myself.


  1. Ah FHE- sometimes SO perfect and others a complete disaster but we and the kids all seem to remember the good ones so no worries! I love the pianist! That is the cutest thing.

  2. It's good to hear others successes so that we can see where we need to improve in our own lives! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think it is great that you at least are making the effort! And yep you better teach him the Piano. I have tried to sing a song when only one key is being played it can be interesting.

  4. We are on a up swing with our FHE. The kids just want to play Duck-Duck-Goose! It is such a hard thing to do((for us))) but with such great blessings!

  5. Great Post!! Love the idea of Sunday nights...that is about the only night Dan is home.

  6. I have been thinking about what you wrote for a little while and wanted to comment about the very last thing you said.
    Don't worry about sounding perfect.
    If you had a perfect night- document it!
    If you did not have a perfect night, document that!
    Don't let what others think be the determining factor of what you write.
    This is your story. Your life. You are having FHE- way to go! In any form whatever night- WAY TO GO!