Tuesday, September 9

random thoughts

I have been wanting to post, but I just haven't had the time this week. So, here are some of my random thoughts from the past few days.

  • I have 3 different types of ants invading my kitchen. Yes, 3!!! I have just spent the afternoon throwing out all of the food in my pantry. It makes me want to cry. And, yes, the pest control people were here on Saturday and will be coming back asap.
  • Why would anyone make low-rise jeans for toddlers?? And why would anyone buy them???
  • Donna has started a blog!!! Go see...
  • Fall baseball has begun. Noah is now playing kid-pitch. It was so fun watching him play pitcher the other night. His favorite position is catcher and he is starting to get really good.
  • Corey is playing softball. He hasn't played for a couple of years. His first game was supposed to be tonight, but they have been rained out. Can I tell you just how much I LOVE watching him play baseball/softball? I don't know if it takes me back to our dating years or what the reason is. Have I mentioned how great he looks in a baseball cap? um, is it getting hot in here? *sigh*
  • My children are all obsessed with the gamecube and their nintendo ds games. I am ready to put them all away. Well, at least until they are driving me crazy and I want them to go play.
  • The other day, my 3 school age children informed me that homeschooling would be better for them. "We would get a much better education, mom." Alexandra stated that she was going to homeschool her own children. When I asked if they wanted me to homeschool them, they said, "Not right now." hmmmm...
  • I really like teaching preschool.
  • We are going out to dinner tonight, because I am refusing to eat with the ants.


  1. I didn't know you are teaching preschool! How long have you been doing that?

  2. sorry about the ants..those pesty things have been trying to make a home for going on 6 years and I fight them with all my might..good luck, wish I had a solution.. I just call the pest control guys every week.. I get my money's worth!!
    Great for Noah.. and Corey.. I enjoy watching Clay play basketball..something youthful about it perhaps!!!
    Amen to the ds and gaming sytems, wanna chuck them half the time, the other half it keeps them happy on rainy days..
    Hope school is going great.. and not the homeschool type..yet!!!

  3. That stinks about the ants! You gotta love Texas, right? I'm so happy to hear Noah's new adventures in baseball! We sure do love it! Catcher seems like a hard position though! Those poor little guys get soooo hot with all that equipment on! Yea Corey for doing what he loves and Yea you for supporting him! Once Adam gets home from work, he's not allowed to leave, unless he takes the children with him, lol! Glad to hear you're loving teaching your preschoolers too! I'm sure you're awesome!

  4. So sorry about the ants!
    They don't like red pepper, or apple cider vinegar. We spray that whenever we seem them coming.
    But it sounds like you have a bigger problem on your hands!
    So fun that Donna is blogging, isn't it?

  5. Tell me about preschool! And I hate bugs in my house let alone my kitchen!! Oh As soon as I have the money saved I am calling pest control!

  6. Maybe you could turn the ants into a preschool project:) the ants coming marching two by two hoorah, hoorah.... A little Barney for everyone :)

  7. Oh I can't stand ants! I am glad your enjoying preschool. That is a fun age to teach.

  8. You crack me up!!! Maybe that's because I was there during those dating times - sort-of (I was there physically, o.k.?). And, the low-rise jeans make me ANGRY!!! Why would you put that on a little girl?!!!? I hope your preschool is good - I think about calling you every day to see how it's going. Good luck with the ants - we're more weavel people out here :)