Wednesday, December 3

thank you for your patience

I should apologize for the lack of posting, lately. Life has been crazy (as it always is!). Our 2 extra turkeys left Monday morning. Ahhhh...and life came back at full speed.

So, here is my account of my Black Friday activities...

I actually began my shopping on Thanksgiving Day! Around 11am, my sweet husband offered to take over in the kitchen so I could take a break and run to CVS! They started their deals early. I got a TON of free items! I didn't take any pictures - sorry!

Here's what I remember getting -

2 bottles of ALL detergent

4 Bic Soleil razors

2 Sony(?) headphones

2 king size reeses cups

3 bags M&M's

1 nail polish

2 lip gloss

4 Colgate Total

1 Schick razor

3 gatorade

1 body wash

SD card

1 body lotion

There might have been more, but I forget. Anyway, I got 4 bags of items and paid a total of $8 out of pocket! WooHoo! A great way to begin the weekend.

Onto Friday...

Last year, I went by myself. I got what I needed, but didn't really have much fun. (I am such a social person and I don't like doing things by myself. Lame, huh?) So, this year, Stephanie picked me up at the crack of dawn. No, actually it was BEFORE the crack of dawn - 3:45AM!! I couldn't really believe it, either.

She wanted to get to Walmart and buy herself a Cricut that was a very good deal. The deals there started at 5am, so we were there waiting by 4am. I have never been to Walmart on Black Friday before - I avoided it. But, here we were, so I thought I might as well get a couple of things. I won't detail the entire time there. Suffice it to say, I met some nice people while waiting, when the bell rang there was a LOT of pushing and shoving and I got a couple of things that I wanted. (I'm afraid that I can't tell you everything that I purchased this day. There are some gift receivers that read my blog!)

We then headed to Target. Yikes! The line was SO long. So we went to Home Depot first and purchased some things on Stephanie's list.

When we got to Target, the line was beginning to move. I needed several things here and Stephanie was a huge help! She went straight for the movies and I headed back to toys. She grabbed a ton of movies and met me a little bit later and I got to choose from what she got.

I found movies, bedding, Leapster games, a scooter, dart board, etc.

Then to Ulta Beauty Supply - super long line, but fun stocking stuffers!

Next was Ink Stop - MP3 player for only $19.99 and a camera for Stephanie.

My favorite stop was Avenue. Stephanie had printed coupons for $5 sweaters! The limit was 2. It is always fun to get a few things for yourself along the way. :)

Mardel was next for $5 Veggie Tales movie and Charlotte's Web.

Now, it was on to Cavenders!! Ok - Donna was out of town for Thanksgiving and begged me to stop at this cowboy store and get her these short, pink with rhinestones boots. She was so excited that they were on sale. So, we drive to the store, BUT it wasn't Cavenders! GASP! It was a different cowboy store. (they all seem the same to me) Oh no! After looking on the back of the ad, we found that we had to travel a little distance to get to an actual Cavenders.

Right after we turned around, we passed a car accident. We commented that people must be in a real hurry to get to the sales. We hopped on the highway and Stephanie's cell phone rang. It was her sister - she was in the car accident that we had just passed!!! We headed to the hospital to meet her sister (as a passenger, she was slightly injured).

The Cavender's sale only had about 40 min. left. I called Donna to give her the bad news. She was very sad. (Corey thought I was doing her a favor by not getting the boots! lol!)

After other family members arrived and finding out that her sister was fine, we jumped in the van and made it to Cavendars with about 2 minutes left in the sale. A helpful salesman found us the last pair of boots and they were purchased! Donna couldn't believe it! (the sad part of the story is that I had to get the wrong size, hoping that she could exchange them later on. Unfortunately, they cannot locate a pair in her size anywhere! So, she'll probably end up returning them. so sad)

We ended the day at Walgreens getting lil' webkinz for $3.50 each!!

Ahh...I'm tired just reading this. If you stuck around until the end of this, then "thank you!" Anyway, it was a lot of fun and a lot of good deals! Christmas is just about finished now. Whew!

Are you finished with your Christmas shopping?
Did you get any great deals on Black Friday?


  1. Ok, you have to teach me about the free stuff you keep getting. Is this something just in Texas?

  2. I agree - you're good with CVS - I can't think it through like you can! And - YIKES!!! You are so brave. We went once when Erin was 2 months old and swore never to do Black Friday again! This year I came close, though, because they actually had some awesome deals this year. In the past the deals weren't good enough to wake up and fight the crowds!

  3. Amazing!! And yeah to Corey for taking over the kitchen!! I hope you got a good nap in on Friday...

  4. Great job on the shopping! I actually went out and shopped but not until seven that night and only because I had one thing I HAD to get on sale or it wouldn't be purchased

  5. I'm no where close to being finished with Christmas. In fact, I haven't really started. I didn't get to do any shopping since I'm still recovering from surgery, so sadly I missed out on all the great day after Thanksgiving day sales. Sniff, sniff!!!