Tuesday, May 5

more updates

Noah's 1st Pinewood Derby Car! (Last year we did a rocket.)
He had a couple of wins and had a blast. Hmmm...I wonder what his favorite major league baseball team is?

Sophia lost her 2 front teeth!
I still can't get over how much older this makes her look. My baby girl is growing up way too fast.

I won the ward chili cookoff! Pretty funny, since I used the recipe on the back of the McCormick seasoning packet. :) Well, I did add black beans.

For Valentine's Day, I sent an all red lunch for the kids. It was fun to put together and they really enjoyed it.


  1. wow.. more photos.. I can hardly believe that Soph.. has lost those front teeth.. so cute.. so grown up.. where has the time gone!!! Way to go on the chili, yum yum.. and what an awesome car!!!

  2. I love ward chili cook offs. Sad we missed it. The red lunch is cool. You always have the best ideas!