Wednesday, August 12


Summer has been nice. Every year, I am so ready to let go of the schedules, calendars, daily routine, etc. I love those first few weeks of summer - having my children back home with me, spending time together, lazy mornings, swimming, etc. But, when August rolls around, I am beginning to need the schedule again. The massive Texas heat has shooed all of my children inside for hours on end. Their creativity seems to have flown out the window and "I'm bored" is said way too often.

We are ready for a new adventure - fall.

This fall our weeks will include...
(3 sports. Just typing that makes me wonder how it will get done.)
Color Guard
Volunteer work
oh, and School

I'm sure that this list will grow. It seems crazy, but I am actually looking forward to it.


  1. I am SOOO ready, too! Bring it on! However, in a few weeks I may be thinking differently!

  2. it can all make your head spin!!! I am glad for the relaxed summer days.. but ready for the organization of school etc.. ah.. you can do it.. your good like that!!! :)

  3. you will be able to do it! The routine of being back in school is so nice.