Monday, October 5

Tooth Fairy

Tonight, the Tooth Fairy came for the very first time to Lleyton. He was SO excited!! Unfortunately, he didn't lose his first tooth the normal way. The dentist ended up pulling it this afternoon, because it was too infected to save.

My baby boy was such a trooper and didn't make a fuss at all! He was sufficiently numbed and, in fact, did not know that the tooth was gone until we told him after. (We have a wonderful dentist who is so good with the kids!)

For being so brave at the dentist, he got to choose a toy from Target. Corey helped him decide on a new nerf basketball hoop. Lleyton loves these. We go through them quite often, though, because of the frequent use!

Anyway, here are a few quotables about the Tooth Fairy...

* Where does she live? What does she look like? Dad - where does she live??
* Mama, how will she get in the house? I bet she'll ring the doorbell. No? I guess she'll use her wands. (I love that he still calls me Mama.)
* She has pink stuff in her hair.
* She likes ponies and stuff.
* I think she'll bring me 50. (50 cents or dollars?) 50 cents. (She actually brought $2)

He was so excited to go to sleep and promised me that he would fall asleep right away so she could come. One of the best parts was watching how much joy the older kids were getting out of seeing him so excited for this.

I have such great kids. I am so blessed to be their mom. I almost ate Lleyton up tonight, he was just so sweet and delicious!!


  1. Aw- I'm sorry he had to have a tooth pulled but glad he was such a trooper! A well deserved $2.

  2. I love the questions that kids come up with!

  3. how cute.. and lucky.. Reagan tuggs at her teeth every day telling me they are coming out. .little does she know it takes years in our house!! :)

  4. Love the questions about the tooth fairy. We are still waiting for her appearance at our house.