Friday, November 6

Sophia's Surgery

Several weeks ago, Sophia had her deflux surgery (for the 2nd time). She was such a good patient! I took a few pictures to help document the experience.

Here she is with her "giggle juice" starting to work. She got very loopy. It was so cute! She kept looking under her blanket at the red light on her oxygen monitor (the one they put on your finger). It was so fascinating to her.
That stuff is perfect. It helped her to relax and not be worried when they took her back to surgery without us. It also has an affect on her memory, making so she doesn't even remember it.
After surgery, we had to document the IV.

Of course, Tarin the bear had to come along. She was allowed to take 2 items back with her. She took her blankie and her bear. They labeled them with stickers that had all of her info on them. She is still pretty out of it in this picture. She was just starting to smile, so the morphine was starting to work. :) They had to give her a couple of doses in her IV to help her feel better.

At this children's hospital, they give you as many yummy rainbow pops as you want! She broke a record with 5!

Sophia recovered so quickly. She was bouncing around like normal the next day. On Monday, we go in for another VCUG (not so fun test) to see if the surgery worked. Of course, our appt with the dr isn't until the 18th, so we won't know until then.
We really appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers that everyone has given on her behalf! Please keep it going!

(I was finally able to download pictures from my camera! Yea!)


  1. I know this is surgery, but she's so beautiful!!! She's looking more like Alexandra!

  2. So glad that everything went well!

  3. She is such a doll.. even going into surgery. .still praying it all works out for her!

  4. Love that the bear is named Tarin!! Glad it all went smoothly!