Sunday, December 27

visit #1

Sophia was just a little hesitant.

She asked for a Webkinz bird.
(notice the goodie bag that Mrs. Claus gave her. It was FULL of candy and treats! I guess it is good to know that our HOA dues go to something worthwhile....haha)

Lleyton was SO happy to see Santa Claus!
He asked for a DS and an ipod (um, aren't you 4?!).

The big kids chose not to see Santa this year. I was disappointed. They are all growing up much too quickly for this mama. *sigh*


  1. cute pictures. I'll have to download them onto Mom and Dad's digital picture frame. Keep posting. I like catching up. My christmas card came back. I think I have the wrong zip.

  2. way cute.. they kids are getting so big.. Reagan wanted a dsi .. crazy little ones..