Monday, February 22

Color Guard

Alexandra participates in the Color Guard Club at her middle school.
These pictures are from a recent performance.

They use rifles and flags. She does so well with this! I am so impressed.
(it is difficult for me to get good pictures while she is performing...)

These are pictures from our little peanut gallery while we wait for her team to perform...
Daddy is constantly mauled by Lleyton.

Sophia and Noah play their DS games.

On a side note, my little girl is growing up. Today, a boy in Alexandra's science class asked her a question... "will you go with me?" (excuse me?!!?) "Um, no, I don't think so." (yea!!) "Oh. Well, can we still be friends?" "Sure."

Oh, boy. It has already started. I'm not sure I am ready for this. Heaven help me (and her father!).


  1. I miss you guys so much right now, it hurts. I don't care how. I don't care where. I will see you this summer. They are growing up too fast for my taste!

  2. She looks so grown up!! That is awesome!!! Love the gang.. love that Lleyton is all over daddy.. something about the baby..we have a mauler too!!! Woo goo.. way to go Alex on the boy friend denial.. crazy these kids!!! Heaven help us all!!!

  3. Can you blame him? She's beautiful!!!!! Talin mauls Lafe, too - he has a thing for his ears - like a security blanket - funny.