Tuesday, April 6

his first talk

A few weeks ago, Lleyton gave his first talk in Primary. He did such a good job! He was so excited. All year long, he has been very upset when his siblings have been assigned to give talks and he hasn't. Well, this was his week. He wanted his Dad to help him. It was very sweet.

*Have you ever taken pictures in Primary?
Corey thought that I was crazy. (shhh...I am!)


  1. uh ya.. you're crazy.. but that is really the pot calling the kettle black.. you are so living on the edge..taking pictures in church.. how dare you do that!!! :) So cute..

  2. I'll have to admit when I saw the pictures of him giving his talk... I thought "what, is she crazy?? taking pictures in church?" But then thought... our Primary President does is ALL the time!! No big deal-- kids love it. He's so dang cute.. how could you NOT? I love that he's wearing a tie too :)