Friday, May 7

beautiful poetry

I received a planted flower and poem from Sophia today. I want to always remember these little Mother's Day poems. They are so sweet!

cooking, reading, sleeping
in the house
at the grocery store
in the car
most pretty, caring, sweet mommy

*sigh* I love it! I think it is funny that she put sleeping - I wish! haha

Here is what Lleyton wrote for me at preschool. It was a fill in the blank.

My Mom is 37 years old.
My Mom's favorite color is purple and pink.
My Mom's favorite food is potato salad.
My Mom is the best at teaching me.
I like it when my Mom plays games with me.
My Mom's favorite thing to do is check out the groceries.

Yes, he knows exactly how old I am and tells everyone he can. :) I love that he thinks my favorite thing to do is to go to the grocery store! Truthfully, when I am getting a great deal with my coupons, it is!


  1. Hank does the same thing with my age! I love the poems and what a great way to remember them

  2. hey.. be grateful he knows your age.. reagan thinks i am 70.. shesh.. glad you had a great mothers day.. well deserved!!