Friday, December 31

Holiday Fun

We have had a very laid back Christmas break. I have really enjoyed it.

We ended up not traveling to visit family this year, due to a lack of funds. I was sad about that, at first, but we are planning trips soon. We missed seeing everyone, but knowing that we will see them soon helped.

Corey's last day of work in 2010 was December 23rd. It has been a wonderful week having him home. I have LOVED sleeping in! Now that Alexandra can babysit, no one even wants to run errands with us anymore. They would much rather stay home. So, Corey and I have gone on a lot of small "errand" dates this week!

We also took the opportunity to swap kids a couple of nights this week with our dear friend, the Ryan's. We dropped our kids off at their house at 2pm Monday and picked them up at noon on Tuesday. They brought their kids here on Thursday afternoon and picked them up at noon today. This works out so well for us, since neither of us have family here who can take the kids for us. Also, our kids get along so well! They have a great time being together.

The New Year is upon us and I have so many plans/thoughts running through my head! One of my major goals is to keep up with this blog at least 3 times per week. This will be my journal of the year. Since I am really not scrapbooking anymore, I plan to turn this blog into a book at the end of the year. I am very excited about this and hope it will keep me from forgetting all of the small moments that mean so much to our family.

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday! Happy New Year!!

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