Tuesday, January 3


Wow. I had so many plans this past year with blogging and it just didn't happen. I'm not making any specific blogging goals for 2012. Maybe I'll end up blogging more, because of it. ha!

I am really looking forward to this new year. I sat down one night and started a list of what I would like to get accomplished this year. The list ended up being 3-4 pages long! To be fair, I included things like buy a new house and all of my business goals on this list. The list has helped me to feel so much more focused on what I want in my life and what I can accomplish when I put my mind to it. I am excited for each day to begin. (today, that is because I am scheduled to get a 90 minute massage)

My main focus for the year, though, is "Health, Strength and Savings." I want to eat better, become stronger through exercise and save lots of money!

I have a strong desire to Embrace Life - enjoy where I am at, while working hard to better myself.


  1. Yeah!!! You're back! Sounds like great goals. I always do better if I have something I'm working on. I haven't listed mine, yet. I'm afraid I'll scare Lafe :)

  2. yay for blogging..I know its not easy.. I try and remember I dont scrapbook and its my record.. short a sweet as of late.. glad you are back! Look forward to your posts..when you have time..no stress!!