Tuesday, December 25


We have had a wonderful Christmas day. Well, it was wonderful up until we figured out that our washing machine was dumping water ALL OVER the floor! Ugh. I decided to throw a load of towels in the wash and we ended up with a soaking wet floor. We had water everywhere.

In situations like these, I tend to lose it (just a little). Tears were shed (mine) as I hurried to turn off the washer and the water. Of all days to have this happen! Why did it have to be on Christmas?!

Unsure of where to start, we stood there for a few moments just looking at our now sopping wet carpet. I knew that we needed a shop vac. 

I quickly posted on Facebook and within a few minutes, two members from our church were at our house with their shop vacs! We were feeling very taken care of.

While I was feeling badly about our situation and all of our wet, nasty carpet, I remembered that there is a family in our community who lost their home this past week due to a fire. My thoughts immediately turned to my Heavenly Father. Thanking Him for the blessing of my family, our home and friends who come to our rescue. Cleaning up today has been a pain, but I am blessed to have a home to clean!

Funny side note: Last week, while Corey and I were shopping at Costco, we were debating on whether to purchase a shop vac! I told my best friend that you should always make the purchase when the Spirit is guiding you. :) 

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