Monday, January 21

How Stockpiling Can Save You Money

Stocking up, stockpiling, buying ahead, buying in bulk, creating a stock pile, etc. I prefer to say that I am creating "My Own Home Store!" However you want to say it, it can save you money. Here's how.

Items go on sale approximately every 12 weeks. This is called a "sale cycle." So, you can expect your favorite toiletries and foods to be on sale approximately every 3 months.

When your desired items go on sale, you should purchase enough to last your family 3 months (until the next sale cycle). This way, you are never paying full price for these items.

For example, last week organic coconut flour (2.2 lbs) was on sale through Tropical Traditions for $9.99. Regular price is $15. I only needed 1 bag, but I purchased 3 at the discounted price. This should last me until it goes on sale again. I saved $15 by purchasing more at the discounted price.

The extra bags of coconut flour are now part of my home store!

When you stockpile, you are purchasing enough products at a discounted price to last you until the next sale.

This was a big coupon shopping trip from a few years back. Obviously, before we started making a switch to whole foods.

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