Tuesday, January 8


When we moved into this house, we had painters come in and paint the main areas of the house. They did the kitchen, living room, stair case and upstairs hallway. These areas have very high ceilings and we knew we couldn't do it on our own. We also had all of the drywall fixed in the entire house. So, every. single. room. has places on the walls where the drywall was patched/fixed. This left us with a lot of painting to do.

We decided to start with the Alexandra's room. She really wanted to be a part of her decorating, so we told her to invite a friend over and they could paint. (this also got us out of having to paint the entire room - a wonderful benefit!)

They had a really good time. Of course, Alex had never painted a room before, so there was a large learning curve, but they did a great job for their very first time! 

I tend to have a difficult time letting my children do big projects like this, because I want them to do it MY way and have it look the way I want it to. I am really trying hard to let go more and let them do these things. I want to give them the skills they need to be on their own. I also feel that letting them do more will give them more confidence to try new things and take on bigger challenges. 

That is a lot of philosophy on painting a room, but I think it is true. Do your children work on big projects at your house?

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