Tuesday, July 17

sprinkler fun

Here is Lleyton, enjoying the water. We tried going to the pool, but we forgot they were closing early for an "adults only" party. Bummer! But, the littles had fun in the backyard.

Sophia is our resident bug collector. This is surprising, since she is such a princess. This is the poor grasshopper that couldn't escape her grasp. (don't worry - he survived! we made her let him go after a couple of minutes!)

He wasn't sure about the water at first, but quickly learned to enjoy it!
***please disregard the dates on the pictures! I didn't reset the date on my camera after recharging the battery!


  1. Man, they are so cute! Lleyton looks just like his Dad!

  2. Wow.. its been to long because they are getting big!!! To cute.. we need to get together soon!!!