Tuesday, July 17

my boards!

I am so excited about these magnetic message boards! I made one a few months ago for myself and I absolutely love it! So, I decided to make some to sell on my etsy shop. These are the two I did last night. They are both brown and turquoise (colors that a friend requested). I still need to add embelishments, but I couldn't wait to post them. Alexandra helped me with the painting and we had such a good time crafting together.

(this one is my favorite - a little more rustic and vintage than the first one)

If you are interested in buying one, they will be listed on my shop in the next couple of days. You can always email me and I can do something custom for you! Or, for family, just let me know if you want one for Christmas! :)


  1. These are seriously adorable. I need to know how you made them or to ask for one for Christmas!

  2. I am so glad that you like them! I would love to send you one for your birthday. What colors do you prefer?
    Mine is red with accent colors and vintage like.