Monday, August 27

Nap Mat

Here is an adorable nap mat that I made for a friend of mine. Her son loves dinosaurs! It is so soft and cuddley. Lleyton wanted to lay down in it for his nap. (of course, I didn't let him :) )

I had never made one of these before, so I copied the basics from one I saw online that I liked. I think that I will put this up in my shop as a custom order. What do you think?


  1. Its very cute.. perhaps I can convince you to make an adult version.. as well as make it possible for me to find a place to use it!!! :)

  2. Very Very cute! I am thinking I need one for Evan because he thinks he doesn't need a nap but if I had a cool nap blanket and place perhaps he might take one. Hmmmm.....Can I place my order?