Wednesday, August 15

Torn ACL

Today was the day that Corey had his knee surgery. Way back in December, he tore his ACL while playing church basketball on a Saturday morning. (yes, we are just now having it fixed) Anyway, it has been quite a long day.
The hospital called last night to tell us that they had moved Corey's surgery up an hour to 9:30am. This was a slight problem, since we have 4 children to shuffle around. So...I dropped Corey off at the hospital at 8am, then took the kids to their respective locations and headed back to the hospital, afraid that he might have already been taken back. I should not have feared. He wasn't taken back for surgery until 12:15pm!!! Hmmm...I guess that we didn't need to be there an extra hour early! Crazy and frustrating.
YadaYadaYada, by the time he was finally discharged, it was after 7pm. I had to shuffle the kids again, calling on friends at the last minute, since we were not expecting to get home that late. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends who are so willing to help us out! The kids had a great day being away from Mom. In fact, Sophia cried when I came to get her at 8pm! She didn't want to come home.
That is a picture of Corey's wrapped leg. He has a pump with pain medication going straight into his knee. There is also cold water being pumped all around his knee. He has tubes coming from the top of the brace that lead to a cooler filled with ice and water. We keep that plugged in and it circulates through tubing. And his brace is huge! It is all a little scary looking for the kids. Noah started to cry when he saw his Daddy. He is definitively our most empathetic and sensitive child. Lleyton just keeps trying to touch everything.
My job now is to keep the kids away. :) Wish me luck!

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  1. WOW.. you guys.. Corey in partiular are in our prayers.. wish I was there to help .. :(