Wednesday, August 1

These are a few of my favorite things...

While reading blogs, I see so many lists that people make of their favorites, so I decided to do one of my own. I never reply to those email questionaires that my friends send, but I love reading them! I guess you could say that I would much rather learn more about all of you than tell you all about myself.

Here is list of just a few of the things that I really love (besides my family & friends!). Things that I use daily and wouldn't want to live without.

1. Coverwear - I wear it every day, I sell it, my daughter wears it, my friends wear it (one Sunday I counted 10 Coverwear shirts on women in sacrament meeting!)

2. Sonic ice - my current favorite drinks are Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Strawberry Limeade - mmmmm, yummy

3. - People have been buying from my shop and I am so excited about that! I so enjoy having an etsy shop and being able to buy from other crafters. It is an amazing site! I think that I have etsy on the brain...I am constantly thinking about what I need to make, if anything has sold, and what I can do to market myself.

4. Goodwill - I find so many adorable, cheap, name brand outfits for Sophia. I also find loads of great children's books.

5. Cool Cotton Sheets, freshly washed - I just love getting into bed, during the hot summer months, after I have just washed the sheets. I am known to keep turning my pillow over so that my face is resting on the cool side.

Well, I have realized that I could go on and on. I guess there are lots of things I love! What are some of your favorite things?

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  1. I need to get at least 2 more white tanks- and I may want another color too. I just have one tank and it is getting too worn!! Let me know when you are ordering.