Sunday, September 16

Holy hairbows, Batman!

It is about time I started making my own hairbows for the girls - oops! girl. Alexandra is now too old for cute hairbows. These korker hairbows are so fun to make! I could spend all day baking ribbon! Anyway, here are a couple of Halloween ones I have made for Sophia to wear this October. I put them on alligator clips (my personal favorite).

The black ribbon on the bottom says "trick or treat." Very cute!

if you are interested in ordering, just let me know.
I will be adding some to my shop, as soon as I finish Sophia's and some previous orders!


  1. I love making these bows... I started putting them on rubber bands for pony tails when the kids started soccer and always made one for every girl on the team-- team colors of course!! So cute!! I also made them to match the socks :)

  2. good heck woman where do you find the time.....

  3. Those are great let me know when they are avaliable to order.

  4. Love the bows. Carole enjoys making these as well. Believe it or not I used to make them years ago for Carole and Kris. It's funny how things come back around. It's really fun to read these blogs to see what all of you are doing. I miss getting to see you.

    Aunt Janet