Friday, October 12

custom order

This week I have been working on a custom order from my Etsy Shop! It has been so much fun. The customer asked me to do 4 magnetic boards (2 large and 2 medium sized) for her yoga studio. I was very nervous about getting it just right, but she loved my ideas and will hopefully love her boards!

Here are some pictures. These were taken early this morning, before I started to embelish them. They now have decorative tape and some paper flowers added to them. I tried taking pictures tonight, but without natural light, they just turned out badly.

This last one is my favorite.


  1. The last one is my favorite too! Good job! I love mine, but I just need some magnets so I can actually use it! (hint, hint) I always get asked where I got it and direct people to your website!

  2. LOVE IT!! (kind high pitched like weezy from dragon tales.. I spend to much time with kids!!) Anyway, they look great.. cant wait to see mine!!! :)