Friday, October 19

midnight madness

Tonight my friend, D, and I went to the Midnight Madness sale at Goodwill. I am thrilled with all of the great things I found! jeans for N, jean jackets for the girls, skirt for me, sweater for me, an old tennis racket with the wooden frame, 2 childrens books (I only let myself look through one box of books. I usually buy TONS of them! I think I may be addicted - but how can you beat $.50 a book??? Well, you can't.), and some other stuff.
I have seen where people post pictures of all their "thrifting" finds. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. I have to post some really cute pictures of a cute craft I am doing, too. I decoupaged napkins to #10 cannery cans, added a cute wire handle and some fringe. They turned out so cute! My kids are going to use them as trick-or-treating buckets. I also made some birthday ones.
See you tomorrow!


  1. ooh I can't wait to see how your buckets turn out. They are so much fun to make.
    Hooray for the thrift store. My mom and I have a date monday morning to go a hunting for a few things.
    See you next weekend!

  2. Oh your creativeness, craftiness.. and thriftiness.. if those are even words.. is always amazing!! If your store bargins are as cute as your crafts.. then you must of scored!! :) Can't wait to see the photos of it all!!