Thursday, October 25

I just can't wait for...

the Hannah Montana concert!!!
Yes, Alexandra and I (thanks to our super generous friends, the Dovers) are going to the concert in just a couple of weeks!!! I never knew I would be so excited to see a preteen pop star perform. Actually, I think I'm more excited to be there with Alexandra.
To top it all off, we get to go backstage to meet Hannah/Miley in person!!! Ummm, have I mentioned that I am excited? :)


  1. wow- how fun- she is coming here in December-
    where are you going to see her?

  2. We will be seeing her at the Ft. Worth Convention Center. Do you get here tomorrow?

  3. Wow April! Sarah would just die. That is so exciting! You'll have to post a ton of pictures. When is the concert?

  4. Sounds like a ton of fun! She was here in Salt Lake on Friday night and I saw some girls who attended and they had a blast. What a great mom and daughter night!