Friday, November 16

meet Miley Cyrus!

What a great night! Here are a few pictures of the evening...

Up close and personal with the Jonas Brothers!
We were on the 3rd row!!!!!
This really tall guy stood in front of us.
We didn't mind...we were on camera a lot because of him.
Can anyone guess who it is?
hint - Corey was very proud that I knew who he was.

Afterwards, we got to meet Miley! She signed Alexandra's shirt and a poster for me.
A girl at school offered her $1000 of her parents money for the shirt. If she really wanted to pay, we would have let her have it. :)
So, thanks to the Dovers, I am now the really cool mom who took her daughter to see
Hannah Montana!
Yeah, I can live with that.


  1. How fun! What a lucky girl Alexandra is! Plus, she is turning into such a beauty! How grown up she looks.

  2. at would be Troy Aikman right? What a blast!

  3. I did guess Troy Aikman too!! Good for the women! I can't believe you got to take her!! How exciting for you both. Abby and Emily would DIE! They don't watch the show too much but somehow they still know all about her :) I'm glad you had a good time. What are your Thanksgiving plans?

  4. WOO HOOO!!! What a fun time!! Thanks for hanging with us!! We had a blast!! Hopefully when they are 16 and screaming that they hate us.. we can pull this out and remind them of how cool we are.. or were!! :)

  5. Sounds like you guys had so much fun. Every girls dream is to meet Hannah Montana.
    I thought it was funny 'cuz during the Cowboys game Troy Aikman made a comment about being at the Hannah Montana concert. I had told Patrick about your blog and him being there, and then he made a comment about it. pretty cool.