Saturday, November 3

I love free (or almost free)...

4 bags of pretzels, 5 bags of M&Ms, 1 Polly Pocket and 1 magic eraser!
I went to Target today and I got all of this for $2.13. You should go, too!


  1. how do you do it.. I go in wanting to spend 2.31 and come out with a new bookshelve.. some baskets.. a my littlest pet shop.. to name a few unnessesary items!! You rock!

  2. Wow! I didn't go today and didn't spend any money there and have absolutely nothing fun to show for it. Peter went and brought home ice cream, though I'm sure he paid full price...

  3. Okay, I must admit that I didn't put all of my purchases in the picture...just the ones that were totally cheap or free! I also got milk, bananas, cheese, cucumber, pasta, icing, and granola bars. But, I had coupons for 3 of those items. :)

  4. Oh don't you just love a good deal!
    Were those just clearance things, or did you have a super coupon?
    Donna said something to me about a coupon that you had, but I never did find out where you got it.

  5. I have a $5 off polly pocket coupon that I can email you. I just print one off each time I go to Target and I get the $4.99 pack for free.
    The pretzels were ringing up at $2 each. had a Frito Lay coupon for $1 off (Rold gold is a frito lay product) and has a $1 coupon as well. At target, you can use one manufacturers coupon and one target coupon per product, making the pretzels free.
    The m&m's were 1/2 off and there was a $1 off coupon on
    You can print as many coupons as you want! I have heard that each target manager can decide how many printed coupons you can use per item. I asked at ours and the checker said that she didn't think that they had a limit.

  6. I'd LOVE to get the 5$ off Poly coupon from you (stocking stuffer!). You are such a great shopper-- good for you. I'm going tomorrow!! (very CUTE purse by the way!!)