Thursday, November 1

walking pneumonia

Everyone here is coughing. It started with Noah's allergies and asthma a couple of weeks ago and has continued on to include an ear infection for him, a double ear infection for Lleyton, a UTI for Sophia, a bad cough for Alexandra and now walking pneumonia for Sophia. Yikes!

Alexandra is the only one not on antibiotics and it is sounding like that might change soon. She is staying home today, because she is coughing so much.

I think that I'll spend the day using bleach and Lysol...


  1. oh my-I do not envy you-
    sorry everyone is sick!
    Get well soon!

  2. Yieks.. make sure you take care of yourself too!! :)

  3. Wow sounds like you are getting the bugs early! Hope that everyone gets better quickly. Don't forget to take care of yourself too!

  4. Uh oh- I hope you all are getting to the end of it! We're just starting it here, I hope it's just colds though!