Saturday, November 3

amy butler bag

Here is another wonderful Amy Butler bag that I have made. What I love best about this one is that I used a "tapestry" (bed covering thing) from Target as the material. The woman who ordered it wanted hot pink and brown and I was having a terrible time finding the fabric I wanted to use. I saw this and it worked great!


  1. wow.. sick kids, dr. appts.. Halloween for crying out loud and you have to make a new purse.. really .. I mean really.. how do you do it?! The only thing I have done is fight my children for the reese's and snickers..and to think...

  2. I'm with Rebecca on this one. Beautiful purse though!

  3. I have totally been putting off making this bag. She ordered it a month ago!!! I was just having such a hard time with the fabric. Of course, I did not sew one thing for my children this year for Halloween, so that helped. :)
    Of course, someone else liked it so much that I have to make another one...