Tuesday, March 4

game winner

This is Noah and his friend. They are in cub scouts together and they were also on the same basketball team. The season is over and it was so fun! Both Noah and Alexandra played this year, so our Saturdays were always full of ball games. Noah played for the Spurs and Alexandra was on the Mercury.
On the last game day of the season, all of the 2nd grade teams played a tournament. Noah's team ended up winning all 3 games they played and won the tournament! Even better was the fact that Noah made the game winning shot during overtime of the final game!!! It was amazing! At the end of the game, Noah's team was down by 2 points and his teammate was fouled. With no time left on the clock, he was given 2 free throw shots and he made them both, tying the game! Time was added to the clock and the first team to make a basket, won. The ball was tipped right to Noah, who went down the court and made a perfect layup!
Corey and I were totally on our feet cheering! It was so exciting. All of the kids were given trophies and medals to wear. Their coach was so proud of them. They all did a wonderful job.
We were very lucky to have a coach who taught the kids to love the game and have fun, without yelling at them. (Some of the other teams had nightmare coaches.)
I was so proud of Noah. On the ride home, he was quick to tell us how he didn't do it all by himself, he had great teammates who did a great job, too. We are now looking forward to playing summer basketball. (after spring baseball, of course!)


  1. COOL! Great job, Noah! (and, go Mercury :) - great team, Alexandra!)

  2. Wow.. that stressed me out just reading it.. the excitement of it all!! Way to go Noah!!