Tuesday, March 4


Sophia and Alexandra take Aesthetic Gymnastics from an incredible woman from the Ukraine. They both had performances a few weeks ago. I didn't end up getting a group picture for Alexandra's group. :( They all looked so great. They did a cowgirl routine. She looked so cute in her braids and hat. (I also think she is starting to look way too grown up, but that is for another post. In fact, her father tells her often that she is grounded for growing too quickly!)
Sophia was a little chick for her dance. Our friend, Y, was their mama in the dance. As shy as she seems for other people, Sophia loves to perform! It doesn't seem to bother her at all. Of course, she is NOT shy at home. In fact, she is our sassiest one! I fear for myself when she is a teenager...


  1. love those cute chicks-
    its hard when our kids get older..I want the older ones to stop, and the little ones to hurry up!

  2. they are both cute, and yes Alexandra is growing up quite a bit, crazy.. As for Sophia, I like them cute and sassy!! :)

  3. That is sooo cute, but Alexandra is growing up entirely too fast!!! I miss seeing them in Celebration Singers!!