Monday, March 17


Madness had entered our home...well, March Madness, that is! Every year, since we have been married, Corey and I each fill out a bracket sheet to predict who wins each game. Then, we keep score (he has a system for this) and determine who wins at the end of the tournament. You might be confused at why this is fun for me, since I really don't keep up with any sport, except for the ones my children play. Well, I love that the whole family gets involved. Alexandra and Noah do their own brackets now. Also, there is 1 year when I actually won! (Corey hears about this all the time!) Yes, 1 in 12 isn't good, but I'm hoping for another win this year. :)
I have a very scientific method for making my pics. Is it KU? Well, I ALWAYS have them win the tournament. They actually have a really good chance this year. Do I have a friend who lives in the area or went to college there? My Dad is from West Virginia, so they tend to do well (on my bracket). And so on.
Last night I was thinking of how fun it would be if I had saved all of the brackets we had done. It would be so fun to look at. I think that maybe I'll start that this year, because I know that we will continue to do this.
Do you have a march madness competition at your house?
If so, make sure your bracket is filled out by Thursday!
Edited to add: Noah just finished his bracket. He has BYU going all the way! What a loyal fan...crazy, but loyal!


  1. How fun to do it as a family. Jeff does one (or five) every year with his brothers but I've never considered doing it because I'd have to apply a method similar to yours...and now, in following your example, I just might give it a shot!

  2. I love it! I guess as Hank gets older I might have to implement more sports things into our house! Good luck on winning.

  3. You go, Noah!!! I'm with you! Hey, watch Cummard - he's our cousin!

  4. That's so funny! We do it too! Adam Jr. helps Avery by asking her about each set of games, and she chooses by name. Although, whenever it was between UT and another school, Adam would say whatever the school was or "hook 'em?" Which she would always reply, "hook 'em!" Guess you can tell we are definitely Texans!!!

  5. Tyler and I do this too. We only started last year and I gave him a run for his money in the beginning but he later finished me off. I tell him the luck is with me this year so watch out!

  6. Yesterday morning I was in 6th and today I am in 28th place...oh how quickly we fall. Rats!