Saturday, March 8


I feel so much lighter! Wanna know why? I just deleted around 100 websites and blogs (not yours, of course!) from my favorites list. I also unsubscribed from several yahoo groups and it feels great!
Last night, I had some people over to scrapbook. It was very fun! But, because they were here, I did not get online to check my email. This morning, I had 143 new messages! Most of them were from a "how to make hairbows" yahoo group. Well, enough is enough! I have gotten rid of it all. Okay, most of it. All those emails do is waste my time and give me more and more ideas for projects I do not have time for right now.
Basically, I do not want my children to remember me at the computer. I want them to remember all of the fun things we do together. Now that I am not making the computer a priority, there should be many more fun things on the list!

Do you ever feel like you are addicted to technology?


  1. What a cute family. What a fun thing these blogs will be to keep in touch with family.

  2. I know what you mean - I get so tired of all the emails from places I once ordered from, or even just visited the website! I've started unsubscribing them - I figure if I really needed to know I would have checked the website anyways! I worry I'm on the computer a little much lately - I'm addicted to checking people's blogs! But, I figure it will get less - I just started so it's so cool!

  3. I'm mostly on at night so they don't see the addiction. I can't sit in front of the t.v.-- there isn't anything really good on anymore. I check my few blogs.. pay some bills... respond to some emails and get off as quickly as I can. I like keeping in touch and find the blog a great way to do that. I don't get 150 emails a day though... that would be tough-- and so time consuming-- clear the clutter spring clean your mind as well as your house :)

  4. I feel addicted for sure! I had Jay move our computer so that I have to stand to use it. It cuts down the time that I just "sit there"-but I am still on a lot!
    Do you use RSS feeds? That helped me to be a "more efficient blogger" (ha ha)
    I don't always have to keep checking to see when someone updates- it just lets me know that there is a new post.-

  5. I love that you did that! I had a problem with that many emails awhile ago. I was a member of about ten yahoo groups and it was so overwhelming. Now it is easier. I still receive about 50 a day but I delete them quickly.
    Congratulations on Spring cleaning your computer!

  6. I totally know what you mean! I do try to wait until they are sleeping, that way they don't feel left out, lol!!! That's not always the case though!!! I need to unsubscribe from several things myself. P.S. I'm sooo sad I missed out on the scrapbooking, I loved those days at your house!!! Sniff, Sniff!!!