Tuesday, April 29


Yummy Texas Sheet Cake!

Hanging out with friends from gymnastics.
Nintendo DS!

Yesterday, my sweet Alexandra turned 11. It seems like only yesterday that we found out I was expecting our first child. We were so sure that our first would be a boy. In fact, I had always pictured my future family including more boys than girls. Funny, huh. Needless to say, we were surprised when the ultrasound tech announced that she was 98% sure it was a girl. And what a girl she is. I don't think that anyone else could handle being the oldest in our family like she does. She is more mature than most girls her age, but still likes to be silly and have fun.

Her birth was quite an experience. I'll give the short version. She decided to make an entrance 5 weeks early. We were in the process of moving back to Kansas for a summer internship and Corey had not arrived, yet. My sweet Mom was there with me the entire time, right up until the end when Corey came. He made it for the final 40 minutes of pushing. My labor and delivery nurse kept trying to encourage me by telling me "Just think! You will have such a great story to tell!" I did NOT appreciate her comments at the time, but I do have a good story.
Since before her early arrival, Alexandra has been a blessing for our family. She is the best big sister ever -- unless she is mad at you. She is always willing to help. Her nose is always in a book. She enjoys being with friends, but doesn't like talking on the phone. She has no problem giving speeches and presentations. She plays the piano and has decided to play the flute in band next year. She is great at aesthetic/rhythmic gymnastics. Her favorite prop to use is the ribbon. She is a great actress. During the summer, she writes numerous plays and then directs them.

She is also strong a courageous. She deals with horrible eczema with hardly a complaint. She is wise beyond her years. She is one of my best friends. I love you, my angel girl.


  1. Happy Birthday! I remember when you were expecting her! Wow I can not believe how quickly the years go by.

  2. Happy Birthday, Alexandra! I still remember - "LeAnn, I'm in labor" -----"Oh, OHHHH!" You and Ethan were only supposed to be one week apart - not 6! I can't believe your 11 ( and Ethan will be SO jealous that you got a DS!)

  3. Happy Birthday Alexandra! I can't believe she's already 11! Give her hugs for me!!!!

  4. you know that means next year she will be 12 and in YW....I can't believe it. I still think of her as about 8.

  5. Holy Cow!! That must make you about..... :)