Monday, April 7

hey, dude, i'm going to chunky cheese!

How did my baby get from this...
to this, in just 3 short years.

Today is Lleyton's 3rd Birthday. It seems so unreal to me. He awoke this morning to red balloons. Oh, the pure joy that only a balloon can bring! I think he could have played with them all day long and been happy. We went to preschool playtime at the MAC and then picked up McDs for lunch. He played and played and played. After a quick nap, we walked to get the kids from school and stopped to play on the playground. This is where he told a little boy, "Hey, Dude! I'm going to Chunky Cheese!" That is not a typo. That is exactly what he said. After Daddy came home from work, we went and had a great time. Lleyton really didn't want to open his presents, because that meant he was not playing games. Chuck E came out and walked around for a bit right before we left. Corey took him over and Lleyton actually hugged him! He is definitely our bravest child. Whenever Sophia would see him, when she was little, she would just start screaming!

I am in complete awe of this little boy.

He loves to cuddle.
He is a total mama's boy.
He screams really, really loud.
He always wants to wear a "game shirt."
He can dribble a basketball PERFECTLY.
(he really can - it is totally amazing!)
He takes his naps in Sophia's bed.
He loves to drink from a water bottle.
He calls everyone "dude."
He plays a mean nerf basketball.
He loves Dora the Explorer and Spiderman.
He says he is 4.
He likes to sing at bedtime.
He can tackle a little too well.
He likes to say, "I love you, too" even when he says it first.
He idolizes his brother and sisters.
He likes to eat vanilla yogurt with Christmas sprinkles on it.
He loves to read stories.

Happy Birthday, dude. Mommy loves you.

I realize that this post is very late in being published. I promise - I am trying to get up to date!


  1. Wow!! That means mine is turning three next!! MAke it STOP! He sounds like a real joy! Happy Belated B-day!!

  2. I wish I knew him - he sounds SO BOY! but sweet, too. Happy Birthday, Lleyton!

  3. First, I have to say that it is so cute he says "dude". That is just hilarious. I can't believe that boy is 3 either. It blows me away!!! And, I don't think you can have a better birthday than Chunk E. Cheese. Jonathan still freaks out when he sees Chuck come out. Sounds like you guys had a great day celebrating his birthday. What are you going to do for YOUR birthday APRIL???

  4. He is to cute.. wow he has grown.. happy happy 3 to Lleyton!!

  5. Wait a minute!!! That can't be!!! Lleyton can't possibly be three, where did the time go? I remember he was a baby and Avery wanted him to be hers. She just cried and cried when he'd get scooped up and carried away. She always thought he was her baby. Time goes by WAY too fast!!! Happy Birthday Lleyton!!!

  6. HOLY CRAP! Three. That just doesn't seem possible! Yeah, April, what are you gonna do for your birthday? Wanna meet in Waco?

  7. Happy belated birthday! Wish we could just stop time for sure!