Monday, June 30

amazing talent

I am so excited! This fall I will be teaching preschool in my home. I am in the process of converting my upstairs bonus room into my classroom. My dear friend came over on Saturday and painted the most beautiful tree for my reading corner! I can't believe how wonderful it is! She is so talented. Take a look!

There are bluebonnet flowers around the tree! They are the Texas state flower.

She put 4 little birds in the nest, because I have 4 children. I told her that she should have painted monkeys!

There are several bumblebees flying around the room.

This is just one of several butterflies.

If you are in the DFW area, you should really contact my friend! I am thinking that I should have her do something in the boys' room next or maybe Alexandra's or the do I decide???

"The Magic Touch"

Ylianova Silva


Have you had any murals painted in your house?


  1. It's is beautiful!! Your students will love this.

  2. Gorgeous! Man I wish I had talent like that.

  3. I am so glad you found someone to do this for you!
    I think you should have some more painting done around your home-
    a little bit of something everywhere!

    (and yes, I do have some painting on my walls, but not nearly enough! I am working on that!)

  4. love the looks awesome!...and the playroom looks awesome too! I am so excited for your school

  5. wow that looks great, what talent. It would be worth the two hour commute to send my little one your way!!! :)

  6. What better way to get you in the school/teaching mode than that!! It is awesome. I would want to spend all day in that room. It is just too fun.

    Good luck with school!!

  7. I've always thought about teaching preschool. How FUN!! What a gorgeous mural. Good luck!

  8. Wow, I didn't know you were going to do that! It looks beautiful! Will she travel? :)