Tuesday, July 1


For the month of July, this blog will be showing lots of good deals (I hope!). On the 24th, I am teaching a class on coupons and CVS. In preparation for that, I am planning on tracking all of my purchases here with pictures and details (if people want them). Hopefully, I will do a good job and actually save some money. If not, I should probably find someone else to teach the class! :) Wish me luck! I plan on going to Target later today. haha-is there ever a day when I'm NOT at Target???

Feel free to contribute by commenting about the great deals you are getting!


  1. I'm so happy about this! Plus, I love the new look of your blog! I read it from igoogle so I don't always see the cute background!

    I want to know all the values and all the secrets!

  2. Are you picking up corn? I want to go get some but the boys are already sleeping. Maybe I'll get there tonight. Beautiful new look!

  3. I too love the new look. I have a CVS deal for you and anyone else that would like to hear about it. They have the Schick Intuition razor on sale for Buy 1 Get 1. This past Sunday there is a coupon for $4 off. I went and purchased 1 razor and 1 refill ($10.49*2 = $20.98). I gave them my 2 coupons and only paid $2.49 plus tax!!!!

    We have never used these razors before. I have always thought they were TOO expensive! I have gone back and now Sarah, Hannah and I each have our own razors and 5 packages of refills. I was only out $10.

  4. Stephanie-
    I just got back from CVS and I should have checked my email first! What a great deal! I will definitely be going back to try and get some of those razors. Thanks for the tip!