Friday, July 25

I'm so excited!

Today, I am being highlighted on a great blog,! More specifically, my placemat purse is. This is a great blog run by 2 sisters. They happened upon my little shop after looking here at my blog for Safeway deals. (how fun is that?)

So, if things get crazy today, I'll just be thinking "It's ok - I'm being mentioned on kojodesigns!" I think this excitement is going to last me at least a week. :)

Thanks ladies!!


  1. woohoo- for you!
    I just had someone ask me about your purses a few days ago-

  2. That is way too cool! Congrats!!!

  3. WOW! So cool! We love the ones you made for the girls! Kelcie used it all last year for dance! Really, really, cool!

  4. That is awesome, April. Soon you will be on Oprahs favorite list.

  5. Hey... that is sooo great. Your purses ARE great.