Tuesday, July 22

New Staples Deals

I took the kids and went to Staples yesterday. Here is the rundown on what I purchased.

  • $0.05 Staples cap erasers - limit 2
  • $0.05 Staples 6" plastic protractor - limit 2
  • $0.25 1/2" and 1" simply plastic assorted binders - limit 4
  • $0.99 Pentel RSVP ballpoint pens, fine, assorted - limit 2
  • $0.35 Elmers School Glue - no limit, I got 6

My total was $5.72. Not too shabby.

They also had the 2-pocket paper folders on sale for $0.05 with a limit of 10, but I didn't need anymore of those. There are also a couple of rebate items, but I don't take the time to mess with rebates. Whenever I do, I always wait to long or forget something so I don't end up getting the $.


  1. I agree! I have the BEST intentions of the sending the rebates right in - and it always expires! Thanks for the info - I need cap erasers.

  2. I admire how all your kids behave when I see you out and about(Target, Walmart, the play, lunch, etc.) So impressed. As for me taking my kids to go shopping, I would rather pay full price if it meant I could go by myself, without any kids!