Monday, August 25

Birthday Boy

My sweet Noah is 9 years old. He had many plans for this birthday. It all began on Friday night. It was our monthly Pack Meeting for Cub Scouts. There was a BBQ and swimming. Noah received several awards. He got his Wolf Badge, arrow points and 4 belt loops. Way to go, Noah! We are so proud of all the hard work he has done. He really enjoys scouting.
We did most of the celebrating on Saturday. He requested doughnuts for breakfast. Yummm... We usually let the birthday child choose where to go for dinner. He chose Cotton Patch Cafe. We ended up going for lunch, because he and Corey went to the Rangers game that night. His good friend, Daymon, came to luch with us.

Noah brought me flowers for his birthday!
I had mentioned to Corey that Alisa had this wonderful tradition in her family and that maybe we should start it. I really had forgotten all about it until I was given these flowers.

Yummy texas sheet cake!

Sophia used her own money to buy a present for Noah. It was so sweet. She was very thoughtful about it and got him something that he really wanted. Nerf gun bullets. :)
She also made him several handmade gifts.

This is what Alexandra made for him. I'm still not quite sure what it is, but he really liked it.
All in all, he had a wonderful birthday weekend. We are so glad that Noah is a part of our family. He is loves his family so much and has such a kind heart. We are very proud of him and all of the good choices that he is making.


  1. happy birthday-
    and I am so glad you got flowers- way to go corey for remembering that you said something! I can't tell you how many birthdays end with jay saying "shoot, we forgot the flowers!"

  2. Happy Birthday Noah! Looks like you guys had a blast! I LOVE the flower idea! I'm going to have to tell Adam, lol!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Noah!!! Sounds like fun!

  4. Happy Birthday Noah!!! Donuts and texas sheet cake.. I need to celebrate my birthday at your house!!!

  5. Tarin got texas sheet cake fact, I think there is a piece left. Don't mind if I do. On the way to church Tarin asked me if I thought Noah was having a happy birthday. I assured her he would have Texas Sheet Cake just like her! Glad to see I didn't lie!